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Here are my fovorite educational talks from the BTC Prague

My favorite BTC Prague talks

My favorite BTC Prague talks
My favorite BTC Prague talks

1. This talk is from Samantha de Waal, a 13-year-old bitcoiner!

I was lucky to see Sam for the second time live on the main stage, and she really rocks!

My favorite quote from Sam:

Non scholae sed vitae.

It is not for school but for life that we are learning.

2. Patrick from Zeitsprung Bitcoin talks about his experience educating young kids in a private school in Germany.

My favorite quote from Patrick:

This is why I believe the first generation living with Bitcoin has a Birthright to learning about Satoshi Nakamoto's gift.

3. Jack Malllers explains brilliantly the difference between bitcoin and altcoins.

Jacks conclusion is very similar to mine:

So while we Bitcoiners cant make decision for you, we can educate you. To understand Bitcoin you must understand Proof of Work.

In other words: Education is the key!