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Be anonymous on the internet

Bee a superhero

Bee a superhero
Bee a superhero

Do you know superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, or Superman? Those heroes have special abilities and fight for good. But did you know that you can become superheroe as well?

There are many ways to communicate with other people or search for things on the internet. The World Wide Web is great for exchanging information and learning new stuff!
However, the internet can also be dangerous if we're not careful. There are people who search for information about us on the internet, such as where we live, how old we are, or what we like to do. That's why it's important to protect our identity on the internet and remain anonymous.

Being anonymous means keeping our personal information secret and not registering online with our real name or other personal information. Instead, we can choose an alter ego or a superhero name that only we know and use it for our online activities.

By moving anonymously on the internet, we can protect ourselves from bad people and preserve our privacy. But beware: we should never lie or cheat when we are anonymous. We still need to be respectful and polite to others.

As superheroes, we can also help others protect themselves on the internet and show them how to remain anonymous. We can encourage our friends and family to use a superhero character too.

So, remember, kids: On the internet, we can all be superheroes by protecting our identity and remaining anonymous. Protect yourselves and others by quickly and easily designing your superhero profile. Here are some profiles we've prepared that you can print and fill out to create your own superhero on the internet:

4 Superhero-Profiles

Please send us your superheroes or share them with us on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #BeeAHero.

Stay safe and have fun with your new superhero on the internet, and don't forget: We are all SatoshisKids.


Yours, Marla