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Get started with in less then one minute with Lightning Login!

A quick guide for starting content at

A quick guide for starting content at
Login with Lightning

Use Login with lightning. It's amazing! No Info from you, no password needed.

Just sign a message with your lightning wallet and you are logged in and ready to go!

  1. Go to 'Login': Login1

  1. All common lightning wallets are supported. Choose your wallet on your phone, scan the QR-Code, press 'OK' on your device and you are logged in: Login2

  2. Go to 'Profile' and choose 'Create Author': Create author

  3. You must upload a picture and choose a name. Additionally, you may paste a lightning address so you can receive sats immediately after posting your first article! When you are done, press 'Safe'. Create author

  4. Now you are ready to go. You can post articles on Explore ₿ and Teach ₿. If you select a section, you must fill out all info and upload a picture for the article. Check out the attached example:

Create article

IMPORTANT: If you are done, safe your markdown file on your desktop so you have a copy and don't lose your article.

Then press 'Safe'. If you don't get any error message, everything worked fine.

We then will review your article and publish it asap!

Free giveaway of 21K sats to the first 5 authors that post an interesting article about education and bitcoin in English. If we like your article, you will get 21k sats to your lightning wallet!